Saturday, July 5, 2014

Maq. Fireworks after the Races


Maquoketa did NOT celebrate Independence day on July 4th .

They chose to celebrate by shooting off firewoks after the Races on July 5th.

Weather canceled that event, so now they chose to  celebrate by shooting off the fireworks after the Races on July 12th.

I must say... I never have liked the fact that the City of Maquoketa choose to celebrate some holidays on the Wrong days.

Celebrating Independence Day, ON Independence Day  seems like its the right thing to do.Not  on July 5th. or now....   a Week later, on July 12th..
I just really dont like it, just sayin.


  1. That's Maquoketa for ya! If they would have had them last night like most normal places do, but here, we wouldn't have had to worry about the rain and rescheduling!! All I can say is Maquoketa SUCKS!!!

  2. If you guys don't like it then move. There are many places you can move to in the world. Stop complaining when what you're upset about can be changed.

  3. Show pride for your community..just like holidays...whenever you don't have xmas that celebrate whatever day it works..just important to be together!

  4. It doesn't matter that it's not on the right day. I agree.... when you can have Christmas or Thanksgiving on that "day" you pick another day that works for you.... it's not about the day it's about getting together with your friends and family!!!!!!

    1. I do agree that things can be changed. complaints , comments & discussions are what very well may help facilitate change.
      however, suggesting to MOVE is no real constructive advice.


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